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The activity of "passion for the Olympic Games, ceremony and appointment to join - Huiya joining month Rio Olympic special" was officially launched! Meiao wardrobe promises to join the eight supports during the Olympic Games for you

on August 6, Beijing time, the Rio Olympic Games officially opened! As a service provider in the Pan home furnishing industry, Huiya launched the activity of "passion for the Olympic Games, ceremony and appointment to join - Huiya joining month Rio Olympic special" at the same time, and joined hands with 300000 home furnishing manufacturers to cheer on Chinese Olympic athletes and create an online joining event in China's home furnishing industry

"joining month" is an online and offline linkage activity with the theme of "investment promotion and brand promotion" launched by Huiya media - Home hotline in August. Brands from aluminum doors and windows, wooden doors, whole wood home decoration, clothes and cabinets, wallpaper, wallpaper, curtains and other industries gather. In order to add weight to the event, manufacturers have launched "tough moves" one after another. 0 franchise fee, 0 deposit and low threshold are not enough, and then crazy gifts for opening, 360 degree full support,... Multiple discounts, waiting for you! Meiao wardrobe promises to join the eight supports during the Olympic Games for you

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during the Olympic Games, there are "reasons" for joining in:

1. Brand support: thirteen years of wardrobe brand support, a huge brand driving force

2. Product support: enterprises specializing in original production in the overall wardrobe industry have 48 patent certificates, and their products are highly differentiated

3. Decoration subsidies: the company helps store location and store design. In order to achieve perfect results, the company gives high decoration subsidies

4. Advertising subsidy: the company helps plan and design advertisements and provides advertising cost support

5. Free training: product knowledge, industry knowledge, sales knowledge, design knowledge, installation knowledge and other comprehensive systematic training, so that you can work easily

6. Opening guidance: before opening, the regional manager makes a field visit, analyzes the local market environment, and gives the best marketing plan. During the opening period, the excellent store manager worked with the regional manager to guide the store

7. Model subsidy: sample with ex factory price discount

8. Promotion support: the company will provide specific planning schemes and special price product support for holidays or local shopping malls of exclusive stores or dealer planning activities

9. Late support: the first-class service concept and the strong marketing support advantages of the elite team make your market operation one step faster and worry free

join Meiao wardrobe and enjoy the discount continuously:

1 Free of franchise fee, breaking the hidden rules of the industry

2 The price of high-quality plates hit a new low, and the price of high-end sliding doors fell to the bottom of my heart

3 Terminal performance improvement practical marketing expert teacher wujianhua personally trained

4 Wholeheartedly, only for your satisfaction

Olympic gas station:

refuel, make good achievements, and it is important to pay attention to safety ~

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about Meiao wardrobe:

Guangzhou Meiao building materials Co., Ltd. The US Australia global home furnishing chain -1936 was conceived by Miami, the famous "fashion paradise" in the United States. In 2002, usaus took the lead in entering the Chinese customized furniture market and became the first batch of famous customized wardrobe enterprises. It has set up an operation Department in Guangzhou, China, which is fully operated by "Guangzhou Meiao building materials Co., Ltd." and its production base is located in Meiao Industrial Park, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China. After years of domestic adaptation and development, the company has integrated "market research and development, production and distribution, sales service, after-sales maintenance" as a large customized wardrobe enterprise

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