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There are many ways to decorate the background wall of the bed, such as the bedside table, which can immediately become an eye-catching and unique detail space. Let the bedroom be practical, full and beautiful. Let's have a look ~

a visual feast is about to appear

1 The background wall of the storage cabinet

the background wall at the head of the bed is designed into the style of bookcase or locker, which is designed for you who are used to reading. In a quiet night, it brings a touch of scholarly smell to the bedroom. In addition to books, it can also meet various storage needs

cabinets of different sizes are designed, which can not only classify books well, but also place different types of decorations as required to make the background wall lively

sometimes a few rows of simple hanging cabinets can also attract people's attention, one high and one low. Although it is simple, it is not simple. Not to mention enhancing the space, it can also enhance the storage space

don't waste the European style bedroom and the background wall at the head of the bed. It is designed as a door cabinet and partition, so you can place items and take them easily

2. Make good use of the side position

in a modern city with an inch of land and an inch of money, you have to learn any skills that can be used to "steal" space. Using the positions on both sides of the head of the bed and above the head of the bed will increase the utilization space by several times

the embedded cabinet is designed on both sides of the bedside background, which saves the location of the ordinary bedside cabinet, increases the activity space, and still facilitates the collection and placement of items

3. The bedside desk has many uses

if you want personalized design, you can also design a small desk by the window. It is convenient to put small parts, mobile phones, water cups... At ordinary times, and it will also improve the appearance of the bedroom

if you don't think the small desk is enough, then the hanging cabinet will come in handy. The open hanging cabinet with different shapes eliminates the monotony of the whole type and adds a bit of scattered elegance

although the bedside background wall is only a small part of the bedroom

but if it is properly designed, the bedroom's appearance will immediately improve by ten grades

after reading these designs

Xiao Yi's heart is ready to transform the bedside

surely you are the same






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