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A heat insulation and sound insulation door and window will not let them worry this summer, let alone sweat, so that parents can enjoy a little more family happiness in their lifetime

living in today's society, we are surrounded by a strong sense of commercialization, just like being tied to a high-speed machine. We don't care about observing others' emotional world, and we also forget to taste our own emotional world. We are always used to not knowing how to cherish when we have it, and only know how to cherish when we miss it. The power of inertia makes us lose many beautiful things. Family affection, love, friendship and ourselves, in which family affection accounts for a huge proportion. We should cherish all good things. Don't wait until we can't make up for it, and then think of compensation. Cherish what we have, instead of waiting until we lose it, and then regret. This is the great wisdom of life

I still remember when I was in primary school, my mother installed insulated doors and windows at home. I just hope you can study at ease in the midsummer of cicadas. When I grow up, my home is still the same, unchanged, quietly changing in the years, and spending most of the time with my parents. When we grow up, we often forget the way home. You always find time to spread the passion of youth on the prairie with your friends; Drive with your partner in the mountains and forests, and enjoy the continuous affection of you and me But for parents who are far away from home, you always argue that you work more overtime, have fewer holidays and can't go home, whether intentional or unintentional, but have we ever experienced the state of mind of parents who have entered their old age? They never expect you to take them to see the world. What they expect is that when you come home, just like when she took you home as a child, go for a walk by the river, go to the old house, talk with them, have a meal with them, go home more, and let our parents know that at least they still have them in our hearts

520, I love you, and I want to speak out bravely. Don't leave any regrets and resentments in our hearts. Let's think more about our parents, a heat-insulating and sound proof door and window. Don't let them worry about this summer, let alone sweat, so that our parents can enjoy a little more family happiness in their lifetime




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