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How to meet the needs of consumers, wangchunjun, general manager of our kitchen cabinet, said, "how to meet the needs of consumers is not only to provide good products, but also what value customers get is the most important."

driven by the competition in various industries, some fundamental changes have taken place in the strategic management of enterprises and even the whole economic pattern, which has triggered a mechanism revolution in the fields of enterprise strategic management, business model planning, design, implementation and implementation. "Taking customer needs as the goal" has become the only way for all industries and enterprises to develop. Service embodies value

wangchunjun, general manager of Wule kitchen cabinet, said, "how to meet the needs of consumers is not only to provide good products, but also what value customers get is the most important."

entertainment marketing transformation word-of-mouth communication

in July 2013, our kitchen cabinet reached a cooperation with the national audience rating Trump's "voice of China" for the first time, in order to realize the radiation of brand influence through the help of this heavy program when the industry is gradually entering the off-season

from the launch of the advertising film of European design with the second season of "voice of China" in July to the launch of the eighth anniversary celebration with "voice of China" in September, our kitchen cabinet has also created many firsts in brand arrival rate and reputation through entertainment marketing. Obviously, this is inseparable from the promotion charm of good voice

in this process, let consumers have a close contact with our kitchen cabinets and experience the unique charm of China's good kitchen cabinets - the launch of our "E0" class "top matching king" kitchen cabinets in 2011, making it the only brand in the domestic kitchen cabinet industry with three top European hardware accessories as standard, which is a necessary effort for our kitchen cabinets to further penetrate brand marketing. During the popularity of the "voice of China" my music advertisement, my music kitchen cabinet joined hands with the students of the second season of good voice to hold "good voice concerts" at the door of consumers everywhere, and consumers' enthusiasm for participation was extremely high

the importance of brand marketing is not that consumers know you, but to create a better customer experience. Through this creative tour mode, our kitchen cabinet has obviously achieved this goal. Therefore, the large-scale promotional activities driven by this way can create a sales miracle of 170% in the kitchen cabinet industry, which is naturally a matter of course

however, under the dilemma of the declining TV media, even strong programs such as good voice cannot "remain young forever", so after completing the first step of brand marketing, we plan to find the best communication method on mobile terminals and the Internet in the future. As Wang Chunjun said, "we need to promote our brand in the target consumer group, and the ultimate way out is word-of-mouth."

refined service strongly supports the breakthrough growth of 1.7 times

no matter what channel you use to do marketing, the best practice of brand landing is inseparable from service

in China's kitchen cabinet industry, there is usually talk of "ten-year warranty", but there is no written scale and warranty standard in the industry at present. Therefore, the commitment of "ten-year warranty" proposed by many brands in the industry is not credible. In reality, more consumers have some product quality problems in the use process within two years after buying the kitchen cabinet. When they go to the mall to find a store to solve them, they find that the store has long disappeared, so they have no choice but to seek other brands to repair at their own expense

although the product is sold, the service is in vain. Isn't it self destructing

in order to avoid the chaos of the industry, our kitchen cabinet has resolutely invested practical efforts in service: since 2014, the original 3 years have been extended to 5 years (cabinet door panel), 3 years (hardware countertop), and 2 years (electrical appliances) in the new warranty terms. Even for the cancellation of after-sales problems in stores, we still have a mechanism to be responsible to customers to ensure the after-sales rights and interests of customers. This is a unique practice in the industry

to provide customers with the best service experience, we are also familiar with it - especially in the details of service. At the end of 2013, I le kitchen cabinet launched a return visit activity to thank the "gift", and took the initiative to return visits to nearly 5000 customers who delayed the delivery of products due to short supply, giving care and giving 300 yuan of exquisite gifts. Through the follow-up survey of deferred customers, it is found that the service attitude is behind the importance many customers attach to products. Although the delivery time of our kitchen cabinets was slightly delayed, most customers understood. On the other hand, the tight delivery period is also a manifestation of the surge in sales and short supply of our products, which shows that consumers' affirmation of our products and support for the brand

what is more worth mentioning is that some users found that they had been damaged when they opened the gifts due to the fragile ceramic products in the gifts. After giving feedback to our company, we will immediately reissue the gifts until the customers are satisfied. Moreover, customers who live in Nanjing and are close to the headquarters are willing to come to the door to get gifts in person, not just to get gifts, but also to see the real scene in China's good kitchen cabinet factory

in our kitchen cabinet, from the general manager of the company to the reception staff, the consistent and considerate service makes customers feel the respect and enthusiasm of our brand for customers. Such a brand has been passed down from mouth to mouth. Who can be worried about it

interactive experience

customers know what is the best service, and enterprises must capture customers' real preferences and find the way they like to communicate with them

at a time when wechat is at its peak, many enterprises, including the kitchen cabinet industry, regard it as a platform for innovative marketing. My kitchen cabinet is no exception. In 2013, we successfully took the lead in the first wave of upgrading wechat service numbers. Unlike other brands, the focus of our wechat upgrade is not promotion, but customer service

I am fully aware of this: in today's information age, customer service should be extended to online. By following the official wechat of our kitchen cabinet, customers can not only learn about the latest developments and promotion information of our kitchen cabinet on the official wechat, but also maintain online communication with our kitchen cabinet at any time

not only that, such as appreciating the works of our European designers, browsing our seventh generation stores around the world, referring to the kitchen (kitchen decoration effect drawing) home application scheme, obtaining the latest promotion trends, mastering kitchen life experience, consulting kitchen in-process and after-sales problems, all of them can get the desired answers on the official wechat of our kitchen cabinets

brand communication is not only to export the brand image you have created, but also to pay attention to the value communication of users. Customers often hope to get better service in every interaction with enterprises through their favorite channels. At this time, providing what customers want through wechat platform is what enterprises must do

the advantage of this interactive service method is that it not only saves a series of troubles caused by customers coming to the store, but also forms a deep fit with the point-to-point communication that people like nowadays. This is the most direct customer experience

as one of the earliest and largest cabinet manufacturers in China. Over the years, we have been committed to helping consumers build a high-quality kitchen life, and have won the recognition of customers with cost-effective products and services. We have achieved steady development and great market success, and have become a reliable partner for more and more consumers to build a high-quality kitchen life





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