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The door and window franchise industry has been gradually stabilized until now. For novice friends who have just entered the industry and want to make a pot of money, Guanhao door and window editor will talk to us, such as an taking the lead on the starting line

first, choose the right brand manufacturer. Franchisees of doors and windows should have unique insight and can make accurate selection without being lured in the complex door and window shopping malls, because the brand will bring considerable help to the future operation of franchisees of doors and windows. Therefore, if door and window franchisees want to act, please find a good opportunity to join. The policy of the current domestic environment is still relatively good. Door and window franchisees can go to the brand door and window manufacturers to inquire in person, and seeing is believing

in addition, we need to think about many aspects, such as the characteristics and purchasing power of the consumer groups in regional shopping malls, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and their habitual practices. For door and window franchisees, if they want to successfully operate franchise stores, they should not only look at the development environment of the industry, but also look at the support policies of brand door and window manufacturers. Some brand manufacturers promised very good policies before joining, such as awesome, easy joining, but it's completely different after signing the contract. Brand manufacturers will be indifferent and let them face difficulties alone. Such manufacturers hope that door and window franchisees can identify them

after choosing the brand and querying the shopping mall, what else needs to be done? I'm afraid it's an evaluation of my own strength. Door and window franchisees must have a clear understanding of themselves and avoid blindly participating in the cruel market competition. Only by formulating the most suitable development plan according to their own strength can they occupy the mall safely





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