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Life is like a door,

enter from door to door,

the distance between doors,

constitutes a complex life

numerous students, thousands of carp compete to swim and leap over the dragon's gate

the wandering son returns to his heart, and the loving mother looks forward to the house door with tears

start from scratch and become a rich family over time

break through the main road and don't love the world of mortals into the empty door

there is also a way for doors,

how to choose doors


door is the "first impression" of home,

first door at home,

this is commonly known as "appearance" and "face". The door also determines the family atmosphere and grade

too simple,

will appear low-grade,

without "face"


generally speaking, the more high-end wooden doors are,

the more attention will be paid to details,

design, process, production,

every detail processing and carving,

all exudes the heart of craftsmen


how to relieve pressure

compulsory courses for modern people

a quiet and elegant living environment

is essential

if you want to achieve sound insulation and noise reduction,

it is by no means possible to achieve a random wooden door.

choosing a high-quality wooden door can keep you away from noise


the "formaldehyde emission" after decoration,

depends on "customized products"

sinor's wood door ・ diatom net aldehyde patent,

is integrated into the wood door substrate,

ensures the environmental protection and health of the wood door,

adsorption, decomposition and release

add protective barriers to your home life


a wooden door,

about 4500 frequent opening and closing every year,

high frequency use,

quality is "The determinant of service life.

due to different prices,

there are also differences in materials,

in service life,

low-cost wooden doors are far lower than high-quality wooden doors.

exchange warehouse

indoor environment,

frequent conversion of dry and wet,

temperature changes with the four seasons,

distorted wooden doors.

everywhere, it can be seen everywhere,

initiated by the sinor family,


wooden door exchange Warehouse process,

balance internal and external temperature and humidity

door that won't deform

choose it or not

no need to say more

I strongly recommend

Lanjun series

simplicity does not represent a simple modern style,

is by no means a single cold tone,

new Chinese elements,

is not just a combination of black and white,

Lanjun series,

extends infinitely to the distance in thought

Fifth Avenue ・ series

the glory of times square,

the vicissitudes of the National Library,

busy New York harbor,

The Empire State building standing in the gray,

tells a story,

Fifth Avenue

taste the glory and vicissitudes with your heart

Jin Xian ・ series

churches full of murals,

old castles,

or magnificent palaces,

so illusory, so far away,

there is no need to be complicated,

neoclassical tells a kind of life attitude

brocade line series,

the retro beauty of simplicity

home aesthetics creator


snow house





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