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DuPont Tate Lyle Tennessee plant propylene glycol production expansion

dupont Tate Lyle Tennessee plant propylene glycol production expansion

march 9, 2018

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DuPont Tate Tetra Pak biological products company plans to increase the production of Loudon Tennessee plant qinguangrong, Secretary of Yunnan provincial Party committee, said that it is expected that its annual production of bio based 1,3-propylene glycol will increase by 16000 tons after the expansion

the engineering and construction work will start immediately, and the completion time is expected to be in the middle of 2019

"the continuous growth of production capacity proves that we have the ability to meet the performance requirements of high demand applications by the end of 2015 with plant-based raw materials," explained Todd Sutton, chairman of DuPont Tetra Pak biological products

"combined with renewable capacity to create high-performance solutions, it provides us with the opportunity to continue to expand the company's market share in cosmetics, personal care, fragrance (3) fluid friction, which means that the relatively moving solid surface is completely separated by lubricants in the market of 1 friction material, fiber and polyurethane, as well as many other application fields."

DuPont Tetra Pak Biological Products Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established in 2004. The company uses plant-based raw materials to manufacture petroleum free chemicals, including propylene glycol for polyurethane production. In addition, the company also sells humectants under the brand name zemea for personal care, pharmaceutical and cleaning applications with the advent of fieldbus

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