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Each of the top 10 hot words of industrial robots in 2018 has touched you deeply

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original title: the top 10 hot words for industrial robots in 2018 have touched you a lot

Guide: looking back on 2018, there are gains and losses, joys and sorrows, feelings and reluctance. Although various events are still vivid, they will eventually converge into words and fall into the "dust". In 2018, China has become the world's largest industrial robot application market for six consecutive years, still blooming in twists and turns. The most popular words outline the past and predict the future. Bid farewell to 2018, and China's industrial robots will finally meet the beautiful future

top10 South Hunan north Miao

Professor Li Zexiang of Hong Kong University of science and technology and Professor wangtianmiao of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics are the two most representative entrepreneurial mentors in China. They are known as "South Hunan north Miao" in the industry. At the 5th China robot summit, the back door and tail support pressure experimental machine of Jinan experimental machine factory was mainly used in the automotive industry for the first time to jointly accept an exclusive interview with the media to feel the development direction of Chinese robots, Talk about the role and responsibilities of entrepreneurial mentors and give guidance to friends in the industry

top9 craftsman spirit

at present, China is in a critical period of striding forward from an industrial power to an industrial power. Cultivating and carrying forward the craftsman spirit of being rigorous and serious, keeping improving and pursuing perfection is of great significance to building a manufacturing power. Especially in today's complex external environment and fierce internal competition, the development of domestic robots is still in the middle and low end, and there is a certain gap with developed countries in terms of core parts. The robot industry has called for "craftsman spirit", and a number of domestic industrial robot enterprises are also practicing in a down-to-earth manner, gradually increasing their market share in China and even in the world, It highlights the "craftsman spirit" of domestic industrial robots in the new era

top8 Beijing 8 minutes

at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympic Games, a wonderful "Beijing 8 minutes" was staged! The performance of 24 mobile robots from Xinsong and 24 dancers pushed the whole performance to a climax. The perfect integration of traditional and rich Chinese culture and modern and charming artificial intelligence has been achieved here, showing the world a contemporary China with rapid development, scientific and technological responsibility and a wide range of rivers. Before that, there had never been such a large-scale mobile robot lineup in the world

top7 industrial interconnection

2018 "industrial interconnection" will undoubtedly become a hot word in the industry! In february2018, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued a notice, deciding to set up a special working group on industrial interconnection under the leading group for the construction of a national manufacturing power to strengthen the overall planning and policy coordination of relevant work; At the two sessions in 2018, China wrote the "development of industrial interconnection platform" into the government report for the first time, and industrial interconnection rose to the national strategic height; In June, the industrial interconnection development action plan (year) was released; In December, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the 2018 industrial interconnection pilot demonstration project. Alibaba, Tencent, Midea, Foxconn, Haier and other technology giants as well as major robot enterprises have laid out industrial interconnection one after another, and the competition to seize the cake of the industry is becoming increasingly fierce. However, although the super cake of industrial interconnection is attractive, some industry experts say that on the one hand, it is easy to create a new "bat" in this field; On the other hand, it is difficult to be "fully covered" by giants like consumer Internet

top6 low price

in 2018, the discussion on "low price" of robots became more and more intense, and Huanyan robot, Guangzhou Qifan and Bronte became typical representatives. Huiling technology also launched the z-arm Mini manipulator at a price of 999 euros (about 7800 yuan). A low price trend has quietly arisen in the robot industry, setting off a discussion about "low price" and "quality". Some analysts say that the scale of the robot industry is expanding, and the upstream procurement costs are also declining. From the market point of view, it is more the market competition that leads to the stratification of customers and products. The high, medium and low-end markets correspond to different needs of customers. Therefore, in the final analysis, it is still the problem of market positioning and customer satisfaction

top5 man machine collaboration

rethink robotics, one of the originators of collaborative robots, announced its bankruptcy in october2018, which had a huge shock to the entire industry. However, cooperative robots are still overcoming challenges and subverting the industry with their own advantages. Not only all the four major industrial families (abb, FANUC, KUKA and Yaskawa electromechanical) have joined the company, but also large enterprises such as Omron, Bosch and KOMA, as well as well-known start-ups such as rethink, Franka and ur. Domestically, Xinsong, Gree and Han's laser are all involved in the field of cooperative robots, and start-ups such as Aobo intelligence, jieka robot, Luoshi robot and alite are also actively researching and developing the market. Recently, at the Alibaba cloud habitat conference, Alibaba's artificial intelligence laboratory also unveiled several robots for the first time, including a collaborative manipulator. "Human-computer cooperation" is considered to be an important trend in the development of robots

top4 robot industry

2018 China robot industry development conference released that according to the market statistics of domestic industrial robots in the first half of 2018, the market of domestic robots has been expanding, and the sales volume of domestic industrial robots has also been increasing. In the first half of 2018, a total of 22304 sets have been sold, an increase of 22.4% over the same period last year! China's industrial robot market has exceeded one third of the global market share and has become the world's largest application market for six consecutive years. "The experience of the past decades tells us that China's robot industry will usher in a golden decade!" Huang Qing, managing director of Huadeng international, an investment institution, reminded that the "tuyere" of robot industrialization has been rapidly formed in China, and international capital is paying more and more attention to this field. Relevant industry university research units should pay more attention to docking capital, help transform scientific and technological achievements, and "take advantage of the wind" as soon as possible

top3artificial intelligence

in 2018, the development of artificial intelligence has gradually shifted from technology to commercial implementation. "Ai+" has "blossomed" in many industries such as medical treatment, agriculture, transportation, entertainment, finance, education and construction. According to the statistics of venturescanner, as of November 2018, the number of artificial intelligence companies has increased from 1485 to 2353 in just two years. As a typical carrier of artificial intelligence, industrial robot, especially for the needs of "flexible" production and man-machine cooperation, "industrial robot + artificial intelligence" has become an inevitable road for the development of the industry. The ratio of height and diameter of the low carbon steel compact specimen is 3:2

top2 necks

. According to the contents of the sanctions, American enterprises are prohibited from selling components, software and related technologies to ZTE in the next seven years. At that time, there was a big discussion about "neck sticking" due to the lack of core technology across the country and all walks of life. Industrial robots are considered to be an important cornerstone of intelligent manufacturing, but there are similar constraints between domestic robots and chip industry, that is, high external dependence and lack of core technology. Zhaojie, the leader of the expert group of the "key projects of intelligent robots" in the national key R & D plan of the 13th five year plan, said that after combing, we found that we have already laid out many aspects, and trade friction will make us invest more support in core technologies to solve the problem of neck sticking

top1 Sino US trade frictions

"Sino US trade frictions" is undoubtedly the most concerned hot spot in 2018. As the core force to promote the manufacturing industry, robots will inevitably be affected. However, as a large manufacturing country, China's demand for machines in the process of manufacturing upgrading continues to expand. With the rapid development of industries such as intelligence, automobile manufacturing and semiconductor, the demand for automation is bound to rise. In recent years, the market share of domestic industrial robots is also gradually rising. Robots can also be applied to a wider range of fields. Once these markets are opened, the opportunities will be immeasurable


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