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Fip16 cordless IP phone, which is dust-proof, water-proof and fall proof. You don't know fip16. This is a portable business dual band IP phone -fip16 in the flying voice era. It has appeared in factory, logistics, campus and other solutions. Although it is low-key, it has a lot of connotation. Today, we will introduce this mobile IP phone with rich functions and high cost performance in detail

dustproof, waterproof and fall proof

fip16 has passed the dustproof and waterproof ip52 level verification, which can prevent the accumulation of harmful dust and the intrusion of water drops. It is very suitable for personnel working in dusty warehouses or humid environments. It has high-definition sound quality and rich voice functions, and is not affected. At the same time, fip16 is also very fall proof, and there is no damage in the one meter high fall test

dual band Wi Fi access

2.4ghz/5ghz dual band Wi Fi access, while giving full play to the functions of biological plastic packaging materials, can be flexibly accessed according to the network environment, which is very convenient to use

fast roaming

supports ieee802.11k/r, enabling fast roaming across APS, unrestricted free walking, uninterrupted calls, and guaranteed high-definition sound quality

high capacity battery

a built-in 4000ma high capacity battery. If its value is less than the standard value, it can stand by for 12 hours and talk for 10 hours, fully meeting the daily 3 Required for abnormal adjustment of lifting guide wheel

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