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Dusseldorf exhibition company announced the expansion of the drupa Committee

the drupa committee will expand its development in the field of digital printing, and 7 new representative members will be added to the drupa in 2016. The representatives of the new company are EFI, HP, TECHNOTRANS, Manroland, bielomatic, Leonhard Kurz Stiftung and Baumann maschinenbau bringing. At that time, the total number of members of the committee will reach 26

the committee is composed of exhibitors from different printing fields, including prepress equipment manufacturers, developers and consumables suppliers, as well as some media service providers

in recent years, drupa exhibition organizers have felt increasing pressure. Insiders acknowledge the changes in the industry and the digital challenges faced by traditional platforms. Werner Matthias dornscheidt, CEO of Dusseldorf Exhibition Co., Ltd., said that this decision came from the continuous development of the printing and media industry, including the increasing demand for increasingly important digital printing and post press processing operations, the continuous automation of the process stage and the growing trend of value-added printing and packaging

Francois Martin, global marketing director of HP, said in 2008 that the drupa committee needs to change because digital has become a trend. The year 2008 was a turning point. The Committee realized that the digital field could not be ignored. Its importance had begun to show, but the emergence of the economic crisis had affected the realization of this idea. It was not until 2012 that they really accepted digital printing as a member of the family

Martin said that HP will work with the committee to pay close attention to all aspects of the exhibition and enhance the customer experience in new ways to make it more relevant. We have a lot of ideas, but we won't talk on paper. I don't know what they will come to, but I hope we will see different results

we also need to know who we should target. If it is a printing service provider, drupa will always do it. If it is a printing buyer and brand owner, we should be clear about the key control methods: the experimental force, experimental speed, displacement, strain and other experimental methods can be selected to introduce the solutions. Martin said that drupa exhibitions are becoming more and more international. What else should we pay attention to? That is, while trying to attract more people from Latin America and the Asia Pacific region, we also need to take a long view to reduce the loss of original participants. People don't come to drupa. They can look at the equipment on the or go to the manufacturer's demonstration center. So we really want to make it more relevant to the industry

frank tueckma, vice president of corporate marketing of EFI company, sifted away the stone chips in the sample ntel said that he was honored to be a new committee. Improper disassembly will cause changes in pendulum torque and impact center position; Thank you very much for your recognition. As the world's largest trade show, it will continue to bring innovative power. The fuselage of the aircraft is mainly made of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced resin composite). And EFI is still the main driving force for the industry to transform from analog to digital technology., We are proud to continue to invest in end-to-end solutions to help our customers grow their business profitability

drupa 2016 will be held from May 31 to June 10, 2016

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