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DuPont new textile raw material Sorona interprets the new concept of low carbon and environmental protection

DuPont Sorona is the most advanced polymer produced by DuPont with 1,3-propanediol (PDO) as the main raw material. It is a new member of the polymer and fiber family created by DuPont on the basis of hundreds of patented technologies after more than half a century

sorona polymer has stable quality and is easy to process because of its higher molecular weight. The fiber and yarn made of it have excellent performance. Because the dyeing process does not need high temperature, high pressure and dyeing carrier, it has more energy-saving and environmental protection processing advantages and reduces production costs. Secondly, Sorona is produced through continuous process, and the fluctuation of polymer performance is very limited. Therefore, its processing problems and waste output rate are minimized, so as to achieve high production efficiency. Due to the unique structure and excellent performance of Sorona polymer, it provides a development space full of business opportunities for global fiber and fabric manufacturers

"compared with nylon 6 polymer with the same output, the production process of Sorona polymer can not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 63%, but also reduce energy consumption by 30%." Chenronger, general manager of DuPont Asia Pacific region, said, "Sorona has more environmental protection value pursued by many environmentalists. A key raw material used in the production of Sorona comes from renewable resources rather than traditional petrochemical raw materials, which has revolutionized the chemical fiber industry's dependence on oil resources."

fabrics made of Sorona materials have a comfortable and soft feel, excellent stretch back elasticity, UV resistance Bright color "And other characteristics, which can be applied to almost all clothing categories such as casual wear, work clothes, sportswear, coats, knitted pullovers, socks, women's tights and underwear, as well as fields such as home decoration, household carpets, commercial carpets, automobile interiors and home textiles, and have broad market prospects.

many people in the industry expressed doubts about the investment decision of 300million euros in Europe.

at present, DuPont is producing fibers with the same quality in the world Manufacturers cooperate to enable Sorona to develop new products with strong characteristics for garment designers and retail brands. Among them, INVISTA of the United States and Du of Europe designed and developed 1151 type gear pump extruder, Sabanci company, huiweishi and Shihan Industrial Company of Korea, Toray company of Japan, far east textile company of Taiwan Province, Suzhou Fangyuan chemical fiber company, Quanzhou Haitian Light Textile Co., Ltd., Xiamen Xianglu textile fiber company and Shaoxing Xinghong chemical fiber industry Co., Ltd. have successively become DuPont Sorona's technology franchisees in Chinese Mainland

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