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Shamian island will be transformed into a new brand of Guangzhou night view, and the lighting will be improved by the end of June

■ Shamian is a good place for citizens to relax

■ workers are working

the bidding announcement shows that the lighting and green plant improvement will be completed by the end of June

the beautiful Shamian island will become more beautiful. The new express learned yesterday that the Guangzhou Public Resources Trading Center recently issued the notice on general contracting for survey, design and construction of Shamian Island renovation and upgrading project. It is expected that the island's lighting, plant greening, temporary parking rack construction and traffic control will be completed by the end of June this year

it is understood that Shamian plans to improve street lighting and create a new brand of night view in Guangzhou

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there are more than 150 existing Western-style buildings

which have been upgraded to lay the foundation for the future industrial development of historical blocks

the sand surface is located in Liwan District, Guangzhou city. It was originally a sandbank, bordered by white E'tan in the South and connected with Shaji (today's 623 Road) in the north. In the Ming Dynasty, "Huajie Pavilion" was set up here to manage the import and export of foreign goods; Xigu fort was built here in the middle of the Qing Dynasty to protect the city of Guangzhou. After the outbreak of the second Opium War, Britain and France threatened the Qing government to delimit Shamian as a concession in 1859 on the pretext that "the thirteen elements were destroyed, and the commercial houses and foreign firms must be restored". They also dug an artificial river (now shajichong) in the north of Shamian to delimit Islands. In 1861, they forced the governors of Guangdong and Guangxi to sign a lease. From then on, Shamian became a concession between Britain and France. It was not until 1946 that Shamian was officially recovered by the Chinese government

during the concession period, there were consulates, banks, commercial pavilions, foreign banks, etc. in Shamian, various buildings were built here. After decades of operation and construction, western buildings with different styles and their overall environment were formed, becoming a unique historical and cultural landscape and key cultural protection unit in Guangzhou. It is understood that there are more than 150 existing Western-style buildings in Shamian, including neoclassical, New Baroque, coupon Gallery, imitation Gothic and modern styles. The material style and cultural atmosphere left over by the special historical background have made Shamian have obvious geographical boundaries and cultural differences with the outside world. Now it has become a famous 5A scenic spot and leisure resort. Shamian is also regarded as the epitome of Guangzhou's modern Chinese history and concession history

the bidding document points out that the improvement project of Shamian island will lay a good foundation for the future industrial development of historical blocks, strive to achieve a comprehensive improvement of environmental quality on the riverbank of the old city, develop from a road dominated by vehicle traffic to a refined Street Based on human behavior, create multiple Street corners, enhance and highlight multiple characteristic squares, orderly regulate public service facilities and municipal transportation facilities, and emphasize landscape site design, Make the landscaping closely combined with the site functions, provide pleasant walking environment and leisure space for tourists, surrounding residents and businesses, and provide diversified sightseeing functions, so as to improve the life and business quality of the whole block

according to the construction arrangement, the island's lighting, plant greening, temporary parking rack construction and traffic control will be completed on June 30, 2019; On September 30, 2019, the improvement of the site environment, the improvement of the inner street environment and the transformation of the square in front of Huangsha wharf will be completed; On December 30, 2019, the fine renovation of the building facade, the construction of the parking lot, the optimization of the walking environment and the renovation of the embankment landscape will be completed (if the delivery of the employer's site is delayed, the construction period will be postponed accordingly)


there are few existing supporting tourism facilities

businessmen hope to gather popularity

. At the scene, the number of tourists is not large and many. It is not crowded when walking, nor does it feel lonely. In the tourist area, tourists taking photos in front of various buildings can be found at intervals. In terms of greening, there are not many flowers in full bloom in the scenic area

Mr. Deng from Shaanxi recently visited Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. His family of three chose Shamian as their first stop in Guangzhou. "The buildings in this place are very high and the glass is huge. It is difficult for us to see them in other places.". Mr. Deng said that the beautiful scenery of the sand surface gave him an excellent travel experience. The only drawback is that there are few equipment for children to play with. "After walking for a long time, it was difficult for us to find a small cart to give the child a rest. As a result, we drove a shared bike to take him slowly." Mr. Deng also reported that there were few public toilets on Shamian Island, and only one was found

Ms. Lu has been stationed in Shamian for 13 years, and her shop has changed from the original cultural and creative products to a small noodle shop. "The feeling of sand noodles is that they are gentle and comfortable. It seems that time has slowed down here." Ms. Lu said that Shamian has become more beautiful after several improvements, but the relevant humanized equipment is still insufficient. "The most common question asked by the tourists who come to my store every day is, what are the interesting projects here and where can I eat?" After learning that Shamian will be upgraded, Ms. Lu was most worried about the impact of construction on business. "The number of tourists in Shamian has decreased in recent years. I hope to introduce more projects to gather popularity."

the 81 year old grandfather Li was born near Shamian. He would come to the island for a walk almost every day. Mr. Li pointed out that there is much room for sand noodles to improve the landscape at night. "At night, the lights along the river are turned on together, bright and beautiful, but the lighting level on the island is average, not good or bad."


blocks, public spaces and green planting

work in three aspects. Green plants emphasize the sense of hierarchy

it is understood that the scope of this promotion is the protection scope of Shamian historical and cultural blocks. Shamian is adjacent to the Pearl River in the south, to the north of liuersan road in the north, to the west of the Pearl River Tunnel in the West and to Renmin bridge in the East. The overall lifting area is 39.1 hectares, including 31.4 hectares of core protection area and 7.7 hectares of construction control area. The main construction content of the project is to improve the lighting and green landscape of the eight main streets, inner streets and lanes in the island; Optimize and transform the lane and walking environment in the island. The total investment is 300million yuan

according to the basic data and survey and design assignment of the new express, the design of Shamian island this time adheres to the principle of characteristics and innovation, and carries out upgrading and transformation from three aspects: street block, public space and green planting

in terms of riverside cultural block, the design strictly abides by the greening control boundary along the road and water surface, and strengthens the landscape of urban roads through hierarchical greening combined with exquisite decorative landscape nodes

in terms of community public space, the public space relies on the pedestrian space of the block to create a series of distinctive landscaping landscape activity spaces such as the block community garden, waterfront block, landscape leisure corridor, etc. by combining the natural and artificial environment, it emphasizes the mutual echo between the street scenery and buildings, forms a networked and multi-level landscape system, creates a distinctive landscaping landscape, and complements the leisure of the elderly and children The game space provides a place for daily life and neighborhood communication

in terms of green planting configuration, according to the local climate characteristics, it reflects easy growing varieties, coordinated colors and a sense of hierarchy, and can express the effect of Western-style gardens. In general, it can be used for mobile planting, mainly evergreen trees; Plant planting does not block the building, emphasizing its openness; If there is a large area of greening, 4. If the load display is incorrect, the planting is mainly in natural or regular state, emphasizing the pleasant living atmosphere of material performance evaluation, utilization and development research and quality control


restore the landscape atmosphere of Western-style streets in Guangzhou

connect the garden around the corner and the park in the middle of the street

the bidding document points out that the landscape design of Shamian island needs to combine the traditional artistic conception of local living habits with the spatial form of Western neoclassicism, and blend and show the rigorous neoclassical atmosphere and the humanistic temperament of traditional streets in Guangzhou through the creation of architectural space and landscape environment, The progressive pedestrian space and square in layers are connected in series to show the western-style street life situation, and reshape the pleasant space scale and friendly place atmosphere. Specifically, the landscape plane layout and traffic road layout should be coordinated with the surrounding environment, make rational use of the site status, and scientifically determine the vertical design

in addition, the relationship between the existing square, trees, ground cover, platform, green belt, parking space and buildings shall be fully considered for the landscape, so as to coordinate and unify the comprehensive landscape effect. The design emphasizes the connection between the block and the landscape, while focusing on creating the landscape space of the street, focusing on the performance of the landscape environment of various scales, establishing an interconnected, unified and changing overall landscape space, and striving to create a leisure community with harmonious street environment. The overall public landscape construction can be carried out in the following three levels:

landscape reconstruction of the pedestrian space on both sides of the block and strengthening the construction of the public interface. Through the organization of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, the landscape design extends to the back streets and alleys, forming a street landscape full of sequence and leisure, and creating the urban image of waterfront blocks

restore the landscape atmosphere of Western-style blocks in Guangzhou. Around the historical and cultural relics buildings in the block, connect a series of corner parks and street parks to form a core landscape area

after the transformation and upgrading, the sand noodles at night are expected to become the next place for citizens to punch in. It is understood that Guangzhou plans to redefine Shamian so that it will not only become a new brand of night scenery in Guangzhou, but also provide a foundation for the future development of night economy in historical blocks. Among them, the site drainage, lighting and pavement design shall be consistent with the current site

(original title: Shamian island will be transformed into a new brand of Guangzhou nightscape, and the lighting will be improved by the end of June)

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