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300 Shuhe diesel engines from Changlin, Shandong Province were exported to Iran

Guide: on August 14, 300 Shuhe diesel engines were exported to Iran in large quantities. In the second half of the year, the export of Shandong Changlin products increased. Shuhe diesel engine was recognized as a well-known trademark in China by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2004. Shuhe sh185, sh190 and sh1115 diesel engines have been identified as having reached Euro

On August 14, 300 Shuhe diesel engines were exported to Iran in large quantities. In the second half of the year, the export of Shandong Changlin products increased

Shuhe diesel engine was recognized by the State Administration for Industry and commerce as "China's well-known trademark" for mutual assistance in 2004. Shuhe sh185, sh190 and sh1115 diesel engines have been identified as meeting Euro I emission standards at the same time. In 2006, Shuhe brand walking tractor was recognized as "Chinese famous brand" by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China. Shuhe brand walking tractors and diesel engines have an annual production capacity of more than 400000 units. Together with the new product large and medium-sized tractors, they are exported in batches to more than 60 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Africa, the United States and Australia every year

Shuhe agricultural machinery introduced 5S management, lean production management, ERP and TPM to achieve another new breakthrough in enterprise management, focusing on site management, cost management, technological innovation and quality management. After more than two years of implementation and promotion, great changes have taken place in production, operation and management. The production site shall be scientifically positioned, standardized and orderly. Employees actively participated in various innovation activities and actively submitted improvement proposals. All employees start from sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning and literacy, and make careful calculations. Each employee starts from self and small things, saves every kilowatt hour of electricity, every piece of paper, every drop of water, every drop of oil and every inch of iron, and reduces non productive costs to the minimum; The production auxiliary materials shall be distributed regularly and quantitatively, and the old ones shall be replaced by the new ones. The expenses that should not be paid shall not be paid at all. We will implement just in time production based on orders, and resolutely stop manufacturing beyond the wee hours of the morning and waste ahead of time. We have uniformly formulated reward and punishment policies for energy conservation and consumption reduction, strengthened the post system, increased revenue and reduced expenditure, reduced all management costs, production costs, sales costs and financial costs, and created an economic benefit oriented enterprise. From top decision-makers to ordinary employees in the workshop, they devote themselves to the creation of "economical" organizations, and regularly carry out technical competitions, speech competitions, essay competitions and knowledge competitions with the theme of "cost saving" and "skill improvement" every year, forming a strong cultural atmosphere of technology and cost management. In the first half of this year alone, more than 3million yuan was saved through technological transformation, process innovation and staff saving. Vigorously carry out technical innovation, technical transformation and rationalization suggestions. All units actively adopt new technologies, processes, materials and equipment in combination with lean production to improve the working environment and conditions. According to the specific requirements of users, organize special design and production, and improve the development level of new products. Over 2000 employee proposals have been received in the past two years, with an improvement rate of more than 80%, saving the company more than 18million yuan

strictly implement ISO9001 standard and ISO14001 environmental certification. Mass quality activities were carried out. Implement "catch the inferior with awards", strictly standardize quality supervision and quality control, and carry out quality control throughout the whole production process from raw materials to the delivery of the complete machine. Select "quality stars" every month and give them a notice of commendation and a certain material reward. In order to do a good job in the management of "improving quality with technology", the technical development has been accelerated. The contracting system for technical projects has been implemented, fair bidding has been realized, and more capable people have gained, so that the subjective initiative of the vast number of technical personnel has been brought into full play, and the process of new product development has been accelerated. In the first nine months of this year, 30 new products were developed, with a market contribution rate of more than 80%

stick to the service commitment and create customer value. Concentrate on fully meeting the market demand for delivery. At the same time, strictly control the inventory, zero inventory management, shorten the capital circulation cycle, avoid capital loss caused by inventory backlog, and produce according to orders to provide brand-new high-quality products from time to time. Focus on the market, strengthen internal management, reasonably arrange human resources, material resources and regional resources, and attract excellent talents to participate in marketing, research and development of technical material tensile testing machine under small deformation conditions, service management, etc. Timely implement rewards and punishments, do a good job in income distribution, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of sales personnel. The innovation marketing mode and strategy actively participate in the competition in product price, marketing service and new product research and development. The continuous improvement and innovation of after-sales service has laid a solid foundation for Shuhe agricultural machinery to further expand the sales market, and at the same time, established a good corporate image of the company

Shuhe diesel engine has put forward the system concept of new products in product development, implemented a brand-new development mode, jointly designed, developed products with independent property rights and proprietary technology, set up a new product platform in line with international standards, rejected the universal suffrage bill supported by most citizens, and realized the improvement of brand strategy with product innovation as the carrier. "Science and technology is the first productive force" has been fully reflected in the development of Shuhe diesel engine. At present, more than 30 new products have been developed, the development speed has been increased by more than 40%, the design cycle has been shortened by 2/3, the trial production and test cycle has been shortened by 1/3, and the contribution rate of new product output value has reached 66%%

Shuhe diesel engine actively innovated the management mode and vigorously promoted the mechanism mode with interests as the core and management information system as a leap forward. Through the design of brand-new target management, post stratification, performance appraisal and salary incentive models, the potential of employees can be exploited to the greatest extent. Seek efficiency from management and actively expand the information platform. By launching the ERP project, we will promote the TPM project for all employees and make every effort to build a digital and networked management platform. At present, the ERP project is in full operation. Seek benefits from management, deepen cost management, strengthen asset management, and clarify the interface between material management and marketing business. Organize regular spot check on the company's materials to reduce the asset risk. We need vitality from management and have established a management mechanism combining incentives and constraints. Through market-oriented operation, diversified human resource management, refined management standards and standardized management platform, Shuhe diesel engine internal management has leapt to a new level of development

carry out "all staff saving" activities. "Improve quality, reduce costs, reduce waste and increase benefits". From the aspects of R & D, procurement, manufacturing, sales, logistics and services, the company organized all staff to improve quality, reduce cost and increase efficiency through lean production and 5S improvement, finding problem sources, screening project approval, implementation improvement, promotion and application, and many "improvement experts" and "saving pacesetters" emerged. Shuhe diesel engine employees, based on themselves, carried out the improvement activities of "putting forward suggestions, using their brains and focusing on improvement". Effectively infiltrate technical innovation and saving actions into all posts. In order to make the improvement activities operate effectively, the management rules for all staff proposals have been formulated to clarify the process, personnel responsibilities and incentive mechanism. The participation rate of workshop staff through troubleshooting and self-improvement reached 100%. Up to now, the employees of the workshop have identified 510 problem points, completed more than 220 self-improvement projects and 20 excellent proposals; More than 4.3 million yuan of production and manufacturing costs were saved. In the machining workshop, there is an improvement fashion named after the employees, such as "Sid pallet", which greatly reduces the waste of movement, handling and electric energy, and improves the work efficiency. Focusing on the improvement of the site, the logistics has changed from traditional management to modern management, realized the improvement of the overall layout, and improved the operation efficiency of the processing and assembly lines

market service innovation has realized the improvement of user satisfaction; With management innovation as the guarantee, the system support ability has been improved. All employees "care about the products and the users", and technora is in the same position as the aramid fiber users. Over the years, through the "all process, all-weather and wholehearted" three full services for users, we have pursued "zero defects in management, zero errors in service and zero distance from the market". In order to build an efficient service platform, nearly a thousand 4S chain stores have been established throughout the country to conduct technical service consultation, establish in-sales service stations, do a good job in pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, constantly transmit various product and technology information to users, and do a good job in user services to ensure that consumers use them correctly. Attach great importance to the combination of products with high knowledge content and knowledge-based marketing, increase the added value of products, promote marketing with knowledge, and cultivate and create new markets. Send technicians to each service station for training and lectures to continuously improve the service ability of marketing service personnel

(source: Changlin, Shandong)

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