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Gaomi, Shandong Province: agricultural machinery and equipment began to enter the "heavy loading" era

agricultural machinery is an important material equipment for agricultural production. Owning advanced production equipment is a necessary condition for developing modern and stable agriculture with thermal insulation performance. In recent years, with the rapid development of modern agriculture, Gaomi Agricultural Machinery Bureau has continued to promote the upgrading of agricultural machinery, so that agricultural machinery and equipment began to enter the era of "reloading"

first, vigorously promote new machines and tools through purchase subsidies. With the support of superior preferential policies, the number of agricultural machinery in the city has continued to increase. Since 2005, the city has organized and implemented agricultural machinery purchase subsidy projects for 12 consecutive years, sharing more than 130million yuan to subsidize 8164 new machinery, which has rapidly improved the level of agricultural machinery equipment in the city. By the end of 2016, the total value of agricultural machinery in the city had reached 1.101 billion yuan, the total power of agricultural machinery had reached 1.467 million KW, 33229 tractors and 5324 combine harvesters. A large number of advanced and adaptable new machines and tools developed through machine purchase subsidies have improved the level of agricultural machinery and equipment, optimized the equipment structure of agricultural machinery that can be directly extracted from the database if it is connected to the Internet, and provided a timely, powerful and lasting material and technical support for the city's modern agricultural construction

second, encourage agricultural machinery cooperatives to take the lead in developing machinery. While supporting the development of "advanced weapons" of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives through subsidies for the purchase of agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery cooperatives are encouraged to introduce high-end machinery independently. In recent years, some agricultural machinery cooperatives have introduced large-scale silage machines, grain dryers, corn subsoiling fertilizer precision seeders, unmanned plant protection aircraft, crawler type new grain harvesters, self-propelled sprayers (fertilizer applicators), reel type sprinkler irrigation machines and other machinery, which are at the leading level. For example, Hengtong agricultural machinery specialized cooperative introduced crawler type new grain harvest, Hongji agricultural machinery specialized cooperative introduced grain dryer and unmanned plant protection aircraft, established grain drying base and established flying plant protection brigade, Jiahe agricultural machinery cooperative developed two silage harvesting machines and established silage harvesting agricultural machinery service team, which can carry out seed corn harvesting, silage corn seeds and other special services. The Municipal Bureau of agricultural machinery encouraged Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives with good foundation, strong strength and excellent service to take the lead in the development of new machines and tools, and did a good job in the demonstration of the application of new machines and tools and new technologies, so that the promotion of new machines and tools and the identification of graphene also had a strong development potential, and played a "breakthrough" and demonstration role

third, do a good job in mechanical performance testing and model selection. Relying on the implementation of superior projects, we will do a good job in performance testing and model selection of new machinery, so as to lay a foundation for popularization and promotion in the whole market. Relying on the provincial grain drying mechanization project, Hongji agricultural machinery cooperative was entrusted to carry out the test and comparison of grain drying equipment, and the conclusion that "it is suitable to use drying tower to dry grain in Shandong Province" was drawn, which provides a reference for the promotion of grain dryer in the whole province. At present, the number of grain dryers in the city has reached 18, and the daily grain drying capacity has reached more than 2000 tons. With the implementation of the "provincial potato sowing and harvesting mechanization" project, the potato production machinery has been upgraded and selected in combination with field tests. The expert group of the Provincial Bureau of agricultural machinery has conducted field test and acceptance on the mechanical performance. The conclusion is that the test has been successful, which has prepared the conditions for the next large-scale development of potato production in the whole city. In addition, through the implementation of the project of "full mechanization of provincial corn production", the local corn varieties and machinery suitable for corn seed harvesting will be selected through experiments

fourth, rely on the base to do a good job in the demonstration and promotion of new machinery. In recent years, in order to improve the mechanization level of cash crop production, Gaomi has established 15 demonstration bases for mechanized promotion of cash crops in Weifang, and signed a base construction agreement to demonstrate the mechanized production of potato, ginger, garlic, vegetables, yellow tobacco, yam and other crops by classification. The demonstration task is 500 to 1000 mu. These demonstration bases are concentrated and contiguous. Most production links are mechanized, saving time and labor, Significant benefits. Relying on these bases, Gaomi peanut combine harvester, potato planter, potato harvester, tea production machinery and other cash crop machinery have been rapidly promoted, effectively improving the production efficiency of cash crops and promoting the balanced development of agricultural machinery and equipment

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