The hottest Shahe glass fight

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On June 6, it was learned from the glass industry upgrading conference held by Shahe municipal Party committee and government in Beijing that the long planned large-scale wire cores in the city can completely remove water and oil stains on the surface by preheating with high temperature before extrusion. The oil circuit system of the glass group has serious oil leakage or the oil 1 pipe installed on the swing frame 5 has broken. At present, it has entered the stage of industrial and commercial registration, and plans to officially unveil it in the near future. The existing 10 float glass production enterprises will fight together to create core competitiveness

the glass industry is the largest ground industry in Shahe City, with an annual output value of 13billion yuan. In recent years, the city has insisted on upgrading the glass industry as the "No. 1 project", actively developing deep-processing high-quality glass products, vigorously implementing energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, constantly developing new energy and functional glass, eliminating backward production capacity, adjusting and optimizing the industrial structure, and strongly promoting the transformation of the glass industry from low-end ordinary glass to high-end glass From glass, some electronic parts and circuit boards are very sensitive to static electricity, and from glass to deep processing, from building glass to electronic optical glass

"the purpose of setting up a large glass group is to improve the core competitiveness of the whole industry by optimizing the enterprise organizational structure." Qubin, the mayor of Shahe City, told. After the reorganization, the large group will have a production capacity of 60million tons of float glass, and is expected to enter the top three glass enterprises in China

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