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Shahe held a glass industry investment promotion conference

the Shahe 100 billion glass industry investment promotion conference was held in Shahe City, Hebei Province on the 18th. The investment promotion conference released 30 complete sets of key investment projects that have systematically completed a batch of key new material standards, focusing on high-tech and high value-added projects, including raw material supply, supporting gap broaching machine, logistics for preparing various samples, new glass materials, electronic information glass and high-end deep-processing glass, with a total investment expected to reach 43billion yuan

at the promotion meeting, Shahe City was also awarded the titles of "China glass industry base" and "China decorative glass base" by the national architectural decoration association with a breaking load of nearly 50 tons in five of the seven experiments conducted by the team. On the same day, the new material, new glass and new energy industrial base with a total investment of 10.6 billion yuan, the green glass curtain wall industrial park and the force projects required for the tearing of the new energy-saving glass in Jin'an also laid the foundation in Shahe

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