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Shahe glass technology research institute leads the innovative development of Shahe glass

"after the completion of these two high borosilicate heat-resistant fire-resistant glass production lines with a daily output of 80 tons, they will fill the domestic gap." On November 30, the construction site of Hebei chirun special glass Co., Ltd. was busy. Sun Bo, the general manager, said: "the high borosilicate fixture is fixed on a rotating robot with 70 major manufacturers' export contract value of 192774 million yen. The price of glass is more than 20000 yuan a ton, 20 times that of ordinary glass. Although the project will be put into production next year, many enterprises in Chengdu, Hong Kong and other places have taken the initiative to seek cooperation to sublimate life and go beyond the door."

the high borosilicate heat-resistant fireproof glass that can withstand high temperature of nearly 1000 ℃ for 7 to 8 hours without cracking and softening is independently developed by Shahe Glass Technology Research Institute. In the five years since its establishment, Shahe Glass Technology Research Institute, based on its industrial foundation and scientific research advantages, has successively applied for 55 national invention and utility model patents. Among them, the main products of float glass ceramics are prismatic power lithium battery glass production technology, float high borosilicate heat-resistant fireproof glass production technology, and glass furnace flue gas denitration technology, which are listed in the national science and technology plan in the field of high-tech development and industrialization in the 12th Five Year Plan The special project for the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements in Hebei Province and the science and technology support plan of Hebei Province

the research and development direction should be determined first. "How to select the innovation subject of the research institute depends on the current situation of Shahe glass industry." Chengjinshu, President of Shahe Glass Technology Research Institute, said that local enterprises in Shahe mainly produce building materials glass, which is our feature and advantage. What the research institute needs to do is to do research and development based on industrial advantages, and make efforts in the development of new building materials and glass originals

based on this concept, float glass ceramics were first successfully developed. "Up to now, float glass ceramics is the only and best natural stone substitute in the world." Panqingtao, chief engineer of Shahe Glass Technology Research Institute and doctor of physics, said that the experimental data show that the bending strength, compressive strength, water absorption, acid and alkali resistance of float glass ceramics are better than those of marble and ceramics, and have the advantages of large output, high quality, low cost, easy mechanization and automatic production

at present, Shahe Glass Technology Research Institute has signed an agreement with Shahe chuangdao company, and the construction of an industrial base integrating R & D, production and deep processing of float glass-ceramic panels will begin in 2016

if the research and development of new technologies for the original glass flakes can resolve the excess capacity vertically and realize the cross-border development of the industry, the leading demonstration in the field of deep processing is an important way to extend the industrial chain horizontally. For this reason, the research institute has developed inorganic ink digital spray painting, intelligent color changing glass, antibacterial glass and other technologies, which has opened up a new space for local glass enterprises to carry out deep processing

"what we lack is not capital and market, but good creativity and ability to analyze the market." Zhangshengyun, chairman of Sabo group, said that whether it is intelligent color changing glass or antibacterial glass, for enterprises, it is not only a technology, but also a direction that fits the development of the times and leads the cutting-edge technology

"the technical research and development of glass technology research institute has laid the foundation for Shahe glass industry to occupy the technical commanding height of the industry." Liyuemin, vice mayor of Shahe municipal government, said that the Research Institute will also play an increasingly important role in enriching the types of glass products, extending the industrial chain and improving the level of glass production technology, making Shahe glass a "Navigator" of industrial innovation

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