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Shale gas is expected to become the highlight of Neway's future performance.

as the first IPO restart in the main board market, Suzhou Neway Valve Co., Ltd. will conduct on-site roadshows to qualified investors in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing from January 2 to January 6. The company's public offering of no more than 120 million RMB common shares

is the first order to restart the IPO in the main board market. Suzhou newway Valve Co., Ltd. has a catalyst currently used that is too expensive. The company will cause quality problems and conduct on-site roadshows to qualified investors in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing from January 2 to January 6. The public offering of the company this time does not exceed 120000000 RMB common shares, of which no more than 50million new shares are issued, and no more than 70million shares are publicly offered by the issuer's shareholders

Newell is a global leading supplier of a full set of industrial valve solutions with the strongest comprehensive strength in China. Its main business is the design, manufacturing and sales of industrial valves. At present, it has formed nine product series, mainly including gate valve, ball valve, stop valve, check valve, butterfly valve, regulating valve, safety valve, nuclear valve and wellhead equipment, which are widely used in oil, natural gas, oil refining, chemical industry, shipping Power plants, long-distance pipelines and other industrial fields. As the gap between domestic oil supply and demand continues to expand, shale gas, as an unconventional natural gas resource, has gradually become one of the new generation of alternative energy

according to China's shale gas development plan, by 2015, China will basically complete the national shale gas resource potential investigation and evaluation. At the beginning, there should be a certain space around for easy operation, installation and maintenance to realize large-scale production step by step. The target output is 6.5 billion cubic meters. By 2020, the output will be increased to 100billion cubic meters. Based on this, Sinopec proposes to achieve a shale gas production capacity of 5billion cubic meters in 2015, and expects to drill 87 new shale gas horizontal wells in 2014, with an investment of 5.2-7 billion yuan, which is twice the original planned investment. PetroChina will also achieve a production capacity of 2.5 billion cubic meters in 2015. With the start and rapid development of shale gas exploitation in China, the exploration, development, purification and transportation of shale gas will bring a lot of demand for valves and become a new demand growth point for oil and gas valves. At the same time, the company also wastes measurement time. In recent years, the sales of valves in the shale gas field has increased significantly, with outstanding performance in hand orders and delivery. According to the prospectus, the raised funds are mainly used for the project with an annual output of 35000 large caliber and special valves; 35000 sets of large-diameter and special valves and 10000 tons of various valve castings per year

after the implementation of the raised investment project, the company will expand its product series and improve its ability to provide customers with a package of product combinations. The company said that in the future, it will adhere to the positioning of medium and high-end valve products, consolidate its dominant position in the petrochemical industry, and gradually build its market position in nuclear power, metallurgy and other valve segments

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